Williamsfield - Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Most homes on Williamsfield Road are now having solar photovoltaic panels fitted as standard as homeowners realise the benefits that these can provide.

The panels currently being installed are the LG NeON™2 Black, a monocrystalline high efficiency solar module, which has been tested with double the intensity specified in the IEC standard.

The number of panels being fitted on each home is determined by the roof size and orientation.

LG Solar Panel ← Click to enlarge

LG NeON™ 2 Black Module

  • CELLO technology
    (Cell Connection, Electrically, Low Loss, Low Stress and Optical Absorption Enhancement)
  • Enhanced output with 12 connection wires replacing 3 busbars, which gives the appearance of an all black panel
  • Improved temperature coefficient to give better performance on sunny days
  • 6 x 10 cells - monocrystalline / N-type
  • Designed to significantly enhance output, making it 18.3% efficient - even in limited space
  • Extended product warranty - 10 years + 2 years

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